stage 4 lung with bone mets

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My husband has been fighting SCLC for two and half years, which he has out lived the prognosis. as he continues his journey, he is out of options for both Cisplatin and Carboplatinum because he has all he can have. he tried Immunotherapy and it did not work, we were going to try a clinical trial and he is in so much pain it is hard to travel now. we are doing the last line of chemo that has like a 20% chance of extending his life 4-6 weeks maybe, but they did not tell us how much time should he not do the treatment, does anyone know once it mets to the bones? approx?

My other thing is I am sole provider and care giver, are there any oganazations that help while you are off taking care of them? I have FMLA but you don't get paid. which I dont understand.


any input is apprecaited.


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    Call CSN for help finding resources

    Call CSN - this site at 1-800-227-2345 - they have people answering 24/7 and can help with answering questions like finding resources, funding, clinical trials and basically anything canancer related.

    Best of luck to you and your husband.