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CAR-T firsthand accounts

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Is anyone willing to share their experiences with CAR-T? Any recent news on the topic? I only know the little bit I have read in the media.

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Here is a thread in which the patient with ALL (NOT a good blood cancer at all) was placed in full response by CAR-T. The side effects were rather concerning, but all worked out well. Advancement is very rapid in CAR-T. Jeff Bezos (Amazon) funded an entire wing at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to care for patients and develop CAR-T.


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good info.

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Shady, there is a CAR-T group on the LLS Groups website:  https://communityview.lls.org/sign_in  There are several people there who have andr who currently are sharing their CAR-T experiences.  Registration there is almost exactly the same as here and you can participate in multiple groups.  

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