Drs can’t be trusted all the time

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my PCP is a great man ..had him fir over 25 years ..he has taken great care of me ...Has referred me to other terrific specialists ENT gasrologist,neurologists ,but the one specialist he sent me to the one I really needed to be good turned pot to be the worst and I hope it doesn’t do me in ..I went to see my PCP one year after my combo radiation treatment .while waiting I started looking thru my fat reccord file ..wow I was shocked ..14 years ago I looked st results of blood tests ..I saw PSA levels of 2.6. 2.9 ..3.0 i was only 44 back then ..but the limit for concern was over .4 so I guess he wasn’t concerned ..then in 2009 it hit 4.0 and I was reffered to this urologist .i had seen him s few times and thought he was pretty good ...well turns out he was bad real bad ...right away he does a biopsy that was painful as hell...this is 2009;...tells me no cancer but enlarged prostate ..then 1 year later PSA goes to 4.4 .2010  he dies another biopsy ..what was a thinking why didn’t I question him ..2 years in a row ..this is the worst part ..he only took 6 samples 6 only ..WTF..PSA rise to 5 and stayed they until 2016 no biopsy in those 6 years ..in 2016 psa rose to 5,8  a third biopsy nothing ..I saw my pcp and he tell me to see someone else becsuse The guy I was seeing is no good . in 2017 PSA rose to 8.1 new urologist found cancer right away ..ultimately I did the combo radiation treatment ..which tore me up .looks like I hsve had the Beast growing in me since probsbly 10years before it was caught ..what are the chances it didn’t spread....to me not good ...I hope I’m wrong .im disgusted I didn’t research this right after he said he wanted to do a second biopsy .i am disappointed in myself big time .. just venting ....would would think it should me mandatory or protocsl for every urologist to do sn mri first ..but I guess that’s not money i their pocket ...mother f er I feel like going back to see him and tell him off 


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    I feel your pain with

    I feel your pain with frustration with doctors. There are some great physicians in this world, but when you get a bad or lazy one, it sure can be truly life or death. My dad's former urologist had two biopsies come back negative (not his fault) but when PSA progressed along with back pain, he neglected to do any imaging or referral, and kept him on antibiotics for a year insisting it was prostatitis. Vertebrae collapsed, sent dad to ER, stage 4 prostate cancer with PSA of 60 (2017) upon biopsy during surgery to repair the spine. Very frustrating, and I *for sure* understand wanting to scream at a doctor, and at myself for not looking into it more and pushing for second opinions earlier. Vent away. Best of luck to you.

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    Do your own research

    Thank you for sharing Steve.  It goes without saying that doing your own research is very important.  This site is a very useful tool.  And always get a second opion, or a third, fouth..........

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    Yes but when

    I guess when or as soon as the word cancer is involved one should immediately seek a second opinion no matter how good or how long you hsve known your dr ....I just can’t brlieve that sfter 2 consecutive biopsy then a 1 point rise after 3 years I didn’t look more into it ..I can’t brlieve it ......I broke my foot in 2010 it swelled up soo Bad it looked like it would burst ..the doc I saw had this old box that he put an old type X-ray in it ..the he sent me for an mri ..he said it was bad I needed surgery ..he said 3 small screws on top and 1 3 inch threw the side ...I looked at the mri and couldn’t even see the break it was less than 1/4 inch .then he said he wasn’t going to do the surgery he would be the eyes and an intern would be doing it ..it all seemed nuts to me ..I asked what if I dont hsve durgery ..he said I will hsve arthritis in my foot later ...I got a second opinion from an ortho and he laughed he. Said he saw worse breaks from kids jumping off beds ..he said stay off it fir 4 weeks no durgery nothing healed on its own .   Sorry I just hope I did the right treatment I guess the not knowing is what’s killing me