PSADT rates while on Lupron

PSA History of:

-post radical prostatectomy (T3B) with salvage radiation as of 2014

(no data in hand, post-radiation PSA ~0.1 from 2014-2018)

8/2018: 0.2

2/2019: 0.4

**Spoke with my doctor and got on 90-day Lupron 2/28/2019

5/2019: <0.1

**Doctor skipped dosage as PSA/testosterone levels (18) were low

8/2019: 0.4


In Feb 2019, my oncologist said my PSADT was ~6mos and recommended the Lupron due to my age (57), we started lupron injections and I was told to follow up in 90 days. Then my PSA and T levels were within a threshold so they postponed my shot and followed up in another 90 days.


My most recent PSA is back at 0.4. Am I to assume that it "returned" (or never left) 0.4? Or does the Lupron"shrink" the PSA to a 0.1 and I have a new doubling time that it has grown to 0.4? 



Note: Annual bone scans do not show any masses to date. I just went in to get the 2nd dosage of Lupron (trying to get the data on dosage from both injections to confirm). 


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    Welcome aboard. Sorry to hear your situation.

    I have never heard of doctors pausing HT treatment based on T levels unless they are specifically doing intermittent HT. Sounds bloody irresponsible to me, especially of they did not discuss the options and risks.

    I suspect that missing the shot simply meant that it returned to where it was prior to the HT.

    Two choices I wonder.

    1) Return to Lupron and keep it under control, monitoring as needed. I suggest three montrhly PSA tests, no longer.

    2) Defer and do a test in three months to et a better idea of the DT then back on if needed.

    Either way would suggest more technically advanced scans (PET/Choline etc. - others can advise.

    I am not sure what the right answer is but if they are not having conversations about strategy, options, risks and consequences or offering the more advanced scans I would sack them and find an onco who does.