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Another Blow

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August 12th, the first day of 8th grade for our boys, the 4th year anniversary of my Fathers death and the day my husband finally was told the cold hard truth that there will be no surviving this disease as much as it has progressed. He didn't want me to go to his appointment, nothing new and I abide by his wishes. He just called to tell me that the Interventional Radiologist Oncologist or whatever the heck you call them said at best the end of the year....possibly even a year but he doubts it since it is in they lymph system. 

God bless him though, in tears and so upset he is still heading back to the office, despite my pleas to come home for the day. We are going to the new cancer treatment center next week though despite the news. The one he is in now though found a mutation and thinks there maybe another targeted therapy to try. I suppose we should hear them out at the least. 

I knew how bad it was, but my husband didn't get it and for that I am crushed. I have said it all along, that I think the oncologist has not been upfront and giving him false hope and not telling him the seriousness of it. It's as if the whole time here take this, this may cure it. He started the 3rd line chemo and not once told him the expectations or statistics of the drug I had to and he flat out told me 3 weeks ago, what do i know, she is the doctor! The kids will be home from school soon, so I need to brush the tears away and get ready to be happy homemaker when all I want to do is curl up in a ball and cry my eyes out. I hate this disease with a passion! 

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I am so sorry to hear this. I hope he is eligible for that targeted drug.

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i hope that the new cancer center can offer him something to help him. 

My heart is heavy for you and your family.

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I’m so sorry. It’s just awful news. I wish there was something I could say to ease your pain. Know that I am thinking of you both and your children. Here’s hoping the new cancer center can give you some hope.


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Are they mentioning some clinical trails? 

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I’ll pray tonight 

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Goodness, it all sounds so overwhelming.  One can always hope for another road or that the prognosis is wrong.  I am so sorry that you are facing these tough times.

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I would tell him that you need him home and not at the office. I know, maybe it is his place to 'forget' but its not something you can forget, no matter where you are.  

Just remember, you also need the emotinal support, or there will be no 'happy homemaker'. One can only take so much. 

I hope that you are both offered some hope at treatment center. No doubt more decisions. What do you do? Treatment to gain a few months, or let nature take its course?  There is no easy answer. 

My heart truly hurts for you both, and for your young ones. 


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It's not only lousy to hear, and awful that you, he, and your family are at this point, but you wonder why these things seem to come on days of other occasions. I was diagnosed on Cindy's birthday, she was diagnosed on our youngest daughter's birthday, etc. Know my thoughts are with you, wanting any good change in his status and some degree of peace for you and yours, however things go............................Dave

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I'm so sorry to hear this and it has to be very devestating to you and your husband, and children when they find out.  Maybe the new cancer center can give you a new treatment to try.  It's going to be a rough road and my heart is with you all.


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I'm so sorry to hear about his diagnosis, I can't even imagine. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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When I was diagnosed with stage 4 I was told point blank by several docs, including MD Anderson that you won t survive and it will cut your life very short. Going to the office gives him some sense of perceived normality. If he wants to go and sit  there let it be. Butt.

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Canadian Sandy
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My prayers are with you. There is always hope as long as we’re alive.

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I am so sorry to hear this heartbreaking news. Maybe the cancer center can offer some hope. It’s certainly worth hearing what they have to say. Sending good thoughts and prayers for all of you. 

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T cells therapy? Ask a new center about it.

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Joan M
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There is so much hope with these new targeted therapies.  I am not eligible for any at this time even though I have a6 mutations, the doctors have all said that Folfiri is the best line of treatment for me at this time.  I really hate the irinotecan but will take it as long as it is still shrinking the tumors.  Mayo has a clinical trial or a targeted therapy for me if the folfiri stops working.

I will try anything to stay alive longer! I have so much to live for!

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Joan, what is a number of this trail?

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[Content removed by CSN Support Team] I am taking one and I don't want to jinx it but it is working for me. Even is shrinking the tumors that grew on folfox

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