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Hi, I am from Lousisana. Me and my husband is going through a custody battle with his ex girlfriend and they have two kids together and when they broke up thats when their little boy had surgery and she never told him anything the doctor said or what was is going with their boy. now that she is court order give us information (information she wants give out) we was told by a family memeber that he has Vesicouteral Reflux, and Chronic Kidney Disease and Bilateraluretera reimplantation. I have googled but i really cant find nothing that i am looking for, cause the boys mom informated us that the little boy cant get to hot, he has take a 15 minute break every 15 minutes when he is outside playing and he has drink a whole bottle of water and go pee every 30 minutes. Then she also told us if he gets way to hot is blood will start to boil and it can kill him. Then she inform us that the little boy labs came in and his overall kidney function is 60% and 6 months ago it was 68% and then she said his creatinine was 0.8 and 6 months ago it was 0.7 and that his blood and vitamin D are within normal range. I am just looking for some type of answers, need to know what we have to do when we have the little boy and just educated a little more. I dont want no one think i am calling the mom a lier or anything like that. I am just trying be ready so when we do get the kids i know what i am looking into and able help the little boy cause we are just limited on information. so any information will help!!


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    Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

    CKD may arise from a number of different thing only one of which is Kidney Cancer. Nothing in your post sounds like Kidney Cancwe which id the subject of this forum. I suggest you get a copy of the medical recorfds in qustion and have a doctor review them. Good luck.