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Article on lymphadenectomy

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This is a link to a good recent article on the deicsion to perform lymphadenectomy for endometrial cancer




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Thank you for posting this. 

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My gynecological oncologist found that some of my lymph nodes looked enlarged when during my surgery. So he ended up taking 17 nodes – all turned out to be negative. While it was comforting to know that the lymph nodes sampled were negative, I did develop lymphedema recently.

Another study that was specific to my type of grade 3 cancer (uterine carcinosarcoma or MMMT) indicated that lymphadenectomy is related to improved survival when more than 10 nodes are removed.


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You can certainly see why there is controversy about treatment options for Endometrial cancer.  

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After discussions with my MD, decided to do the lymphadenectomy on last Friday.  Still very sore and nauseous, but they’ve called me something out for nausea and I’ve held down food today.  Won’t have results for 7-10 days. So we wait again and pray for negative nodes and only 5 vaginal cuff radiation treatments. 

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You are home and on the mend.  PRAYERS for negative nodes!!   5 vaginal treatments would be good news.   


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Given how your cancer was initially handled, I don't think you should be too upset if your results indicate a need to add chemo to your treatment. It's not fun, but I feel good about having had it because it's treats systemically rather than locally. I would have worried endlessly about the possibility of microscopic cells multiplying and coming back to get me later without throwing the kitchen sink at the buggers. It sure helped me to cope emotionally after treatment was done. On-the-other-hand, you are in really good hands right now and if you get good news and only need radiation, halleluiah!

I'm really hoping your nodes are negative, but if not, you are still in frontline treatment and have other good options for a cure. Getting a good handle on what you are dealing with is so important to how you go after it. Waiting to have all of the pieces of your puzzle is hard, but you are almost there. 

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Hope the time won't drag too much. Take care of yourself. 

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