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Rising CEA

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I had colon cancer a year ago. My doctor removed all of the cancer and has been monitoring my CEA. My CEA went from 3 to 42 to 179 in a few months. Nothing showed up on my PET Scan. Could Crohns cause a false reading with these numbers? I was diagnosed with Crohns the same time I was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago. Please give me your opinion

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I really don’t know, it’s possible inflammation can raise the CEA but I don’t if it can raise it that much. If the scan is clear I would not worry if the Dr was not worried. Good Luck!

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thank y ou


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CEA can't always be reliable, especially for me as it never registered.  I'm sure that your doctor would let you know if they should do another scan down the road.  I'd go with how your doctor feels about the rise in the CEA as a PET scan can pick up a lot.


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I am sorry about your rise in CEA.  It just rips at you, to know there might be something growing, but not have it confirmed by a CT or PET. 

I had two dramatic jumps in my CEA at one point, and while the CT scan showed nothing, a PET scan showed a tumour in the liver. 

We have had members on the forum, who have had jumps in their CEA and so far, nothing is showing up on tests. 

A mixed bag in the end, isn't it, and that doesn't help eliviate your anxiety. 

I have no idea about Crohn's disease, and that may very well be the culprit. 

I am sure that your Oncologist is on the ball, and will keep a keen eye on you.  I do so hope that you next blood test shows a drop in numbers. If it doesn't, I would push for another scan - even though they are hard on the body. 

Stick with us here, and we will support you throughout. 


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