Getting Ready for Second Rodeo

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Two things happended yesterday. I celebrated 17 years free from Kidney Cancer and I got my Prostate Biopsy results back with a Gleason 5 plus 3 and looking forward to a total Prostate  remove with Dr. Patel in Orlando. For almost 10 yeqrs I have been helping the newbies with Kidney Cancer and now I have to learn a new subjecy. I just turned 76 years young last week. Which is easier for those that have been to both Rodeos?











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    Good luck

    Good luck on your new journey.

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    Congrats on your 17 years clean of the kidney cancer, iceman.  Rarely someone will write that they had PCa go into their bladder, but few or no writers who had both kidney and PCa that I can recall.  These organ cancers are all very different, and prognosis is different for each.

    In general, I have always read that bladder cancer (NOT PCa in the bladder, which is simply PCa in a different location) is a lot harder to cure than Pca. Kidney may be similiar.   Good luck !


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    Hi Iceman,

    Hi Iceman,

    Welcome to the forum, and sorry about the diagnosis.  Typically, the urologist will schedule cat scans and MRI to try and determine if the cancer appears to be organ confined.  This along with other data points will try to predict if the cancer is organ confined.  If the indications are that it is, you have the choice of several different types of radiation along with removal.  All the treatments have somewhat similar outcomes in terms of curing the cancer, you need to compare side effects and what works the best for you and your lifestyle.  My choice was easy.  I had a tremendously enlarged prostate with severe urinary retention problems, so removal made the most sense.  Along with Dr. Patel, you should schedule an appointment with with a radiation oncologist to explore those options. Good luck and keep asking questions.