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i was diagnosed with stage 1B and grade 2 endo cx in August 2018. I had Brachy therapy.  About 2 months ago I started experiencing constipation. 3 weeks ago had surgery for a bowel obstruction. The bowel some how looped itself around the small intestine. No mass.  I also had some abhesions which were removed. Prior to the lap for correcting the obstruction, I had a CT of the abdomen and pelvis which showed the obstruction. 

Did anyone experience constipation within 1 year if their hysterectomy?  I was peri menopausal prior to my hysterectomy.  My hysterectomy put me in menopause.  The doctor that did my lap and corrected the obstruction said I had a lot of stool in my colon. It is clearly demonstrated on the CT.  

Ive read that menopause can cause constipation. Had anyone experienced this as a result of going into menopause?  Any recommendations on how to treat the constipation?  Not only did I just have my CTs of the abdomen and pelvis which were normal, I also had a lap to correct the obstruction.  so, the doctor was in my abdomen.  I also had my 3 month vaginal exam which was also normal.  

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Do you mean that after all that you have been through, you haven't gotten any medical instruction on how to deal with this or preventing it from happening again??? That sounds like somebody has dropped the ball along the way! Excercize, diet, and fluid intake all play a role in bowel managment, but because of your issues you may need something more like a bowel regimen that they put you on during chemo, but that kind of a recommendation should come from your medical team, not us. I'd go back to your doctor(s) about this.

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Thank you. I did not have chemo. 

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Denise, Ask your doctors if Miralax would be a good thing for you to take.  Also, please try to drink a lot of water (if you don't already). I did not have any issues with constipation after my hysterectomy. I did with chemo though and Miralax was my best friend.

Glad your scans are clear of cancer!

Love and Hugs,


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We should buy stock in that company. We'd all be rich.

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i believe and my doctor believes that I have been experiencing a partial bowel obstruction.  It doesn’t show up in scans but I get stomach pains which increase in intensity until I have episodes of vomiting and then later diarrhea.  I have kept a log of these times.   I was told to eat a low resudue diet.   That is no raw vegetables no lettuce no seeds no whole wheat no shrimp or tough meats/fish.  Definitely no corn whether it’s cooked or not.   I can have puffed rice white bread cooked vegetables etc.   I was on this diet for a bit and got tired of it not knowing it was helping.  So one weekend recently I had a small salad and also had some shrimp etc.  by Monday I washin pain Tuesday I had to leave work and it took me the rest of the week to recover.  so I guess it is working.  Celery and carrots are the worst for me



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Thanks everyone for replying. My doctor gave me a medication for constipation. However, it seems to be getting better in its own. Not sure if long term impact of Brachy or not. 

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My answer is there is really no easy cure for chronic constipation. I do all the recommended and sometimes I do ok and other times not.what kills me is prep for scans. Youreallyshouldhave me drink more stuff I want today and I have the scan and there is still some stool present:(

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