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Ending Chemo and getting first scan since surgery

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My Husband is ending his Chemo at 5 cycles or 4 months depending on how one looks at it. He was on the Capcetabine 2 weeks on and one week off. The IDEA study has very compelling statistic for three months being almost as effective as 6 months. So, with all of our research and careful consideration and discussions we are going to end the treatment. Tomorrow he will do bloodwork and get his first scan since surgery. Then later in the afternoon we will meet with the oncologist to go over everything and hopefully schedule the port removal. Alan tolerated the Capcetabine pill very well. I feel much more positive than scared but after reading some other posts I was brought back to reality also. Anyway, I sure hope that we have a clear scan and that he can smile and think about other things than the big C that moved into our life less than 6 months ago. He is my world and the hardest part is knowing how hard this is for him and how hard he has tried to not let that show. We have a 6 hour round trip drive but I will update as soon as possible....


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Congratulations on moving forward from chemo.  I seem to recall that the first post-chemo scan is mostly to set a baseline for comparissons to future scans, so do not get too freaked out if there are some ambiguos readings--if things do not change in the future it is likely that everything is all right.  I hope you guys do something to celebrate this milestone.

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Just getting home from a long but good day. We travel 6 hours round trip and it is worth it! Alan's scan came back clear, bloodwork excellent and he is getting his port removed tomorrow. Too tired to celebrate today but we will tomorrow. The scans look at everything so we now know he has some calcification in his heart. This will give us something new and different to focus on!!

Sandi, thank you for all of your replies-to everyone! You and a few others keep this group going and make it what it is! Thanks from all of us that you have provided information and support to!!!


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Congratulations on the great news.  I am happy to help wherever I can.  I am sure you will both sleep well tonight.

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postive is always good, no reason not to be! Enjoy!

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That is such great news and especially getting the port removed as that is a big step to moving forward.  Thanks for the update on such a good scan.


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to be moving on. 

Getting the port out is also a huge step, that makes you feel like you're getting back to normal (even if it is a new normal).

Celebrate and don't stop celebrating.  I personally celebrate EVERTHING.  People think I'm a bit odd (not far off to be honest) but I don't care. I say celebrate life, whatever it is dishing out at the time. 


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Thats wonderful results and added bonus of getting "de-ported"!! Enjoy being free!

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Congratulations on getting through it!


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Capox Dude
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Ten minutes ago I just finished my (hopefully) last 2000 mg dose of Xeloda pills. I did my four Ox infusions (at 130mg per my body volume), and I managed to stay on the 3500 mg of Xeloda per day for all of my four, 14 day courses. Three pills in the morning, and four at dinner.   I had always planned on stopping at three months. The side effects and potential permanent neuropathy increase so much in months 4-6 that I do not want to risk it. The IDEA Study gives me hope that this is a good choice. I am the only patient that my oncologist has on Xeldoda, and I thank her for letting me try this when she thought it was not as well tolerated by American patients. She predicted that she would have to switch me to Folfox.   I had one small almost detour to the hospital for uncontrolled diarrhea, but I talked her out of it, and we got control of it eventually. I hope my friends here bought stock in Pedialyte, because I think I drove demand up world wide. Wink
I have a CT with contrast coming up for a baseline as well. I admit that I feel guilty, as you brave folks have fought and continue to fight through issues that I have not experienced, and which I might not be able to face as bravely as you all have. I declined to ring the bell on my last OX infusion, as I don't think I have done enough to deserve that. But you are all in my thoughts and prayers, and this community is a wonderful asset to those like me who get the news that we now belong to an unfortunately too large club. Shu273, good luck you and your husband, and tell him I am thinking of him - and of everyone here.
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Glad you caught a break and things are looking up. Enjoy some summer and celebrate the good news..............................Dave

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Great news! NED forever! I just got my port out and let me tell you, it’s a wonderful feeling!



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