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Chemotherapy perfusion for lungs

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Any places in the US that do it? It is like HIPEC for lungs. 

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Hi Butt

I have come across this approach, but not in the US. There is a clinic in Germany (again...) that is using this. I don't think these methods are considered as a good alternative for lung mets. There has been suspicion that the German clinic is using methods that aren't clinically proven. A big norwegian newspaper did an investigation into this. Most patients suffered significantly side effects, they were considered cancer free, but passed away after relatively short time. The clinic is Medias Klinikum Burghausen and the doctor behind is Karl Aigner. I can probably dig out more info from that newspaper investigation. I would be really careful about pursuing this. I would advice against it, but leave it up to you to consider. 

Best wishes, Bjorn

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I think Germany has a surgery on removing multiple lung mets. I contacted them but they didn t take me. The surgery I am talking about is done in Russia. I of course would like to have it in the US.

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Joan M
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Have you met with an Interventional Radiologist?  I had cryoablation on one lung tumor in 2017.  I am going to see about having it for another tumor soon.   

They can do chemoembolization also where they inject a tumor directly with a large dose of chemo.  I haven't asked about lung tumors but I know they do that on liver tumors. 

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Radiologists are not willing to work on my lungs because I have dozens and dozens of lung mets. I don t meet their criteria. Butt. 

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Canadian Sandy
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Sorry Butt.

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