Surgery and obesity

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I just met up with a fellow worker from another district ..he is 52 and was dusgnosed with PC low grade.opted for surgery ..this guy is about 5ft9 325 lbs .....well he didn’t fair well ...the day he got home from surgery he blew up like a ballooon ...legs stomach chest ..rushed intio OR ..he had major clots ..he has about 1 ft scar on each calf ...was in intensive care for almost 2 weeks sent home only to pass out .CT scan showed clots in lungs ..didn’t understand it all but he was not expected to make it ...but pulled thru somehow ...the moral is since it was soo low grade I  think the dr should have advised him to lose weight before the surgery ...this is what they blame the complications on .....hmmmmmm 


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    Have to agree


    Yes I feel as you do. I’m 5ft 10“ and 170 lbs and my Urologist/surgeon told me my weight was definitely working in my favor during both the surgery and recovery.  Glad he made it...........

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    I'm surprised a surgeon was even willing to operate with him that morbidly obese; I guess that's why it's called 'morbidly obese.'   

    Because of massive trauma and two cancers, I 've had over a dozen surgeries, and each time (except in emergencies) the surgeon did a careful assessment of whether surgery was safe or not.  The same was true in prepping for long term chemo: lung health, heart health, and other factors all had to pass muster before they would treat.  The swelling sounds like there were kidney issues.  Undoubtedly numerous factgors involved we are not privy to.