3/4 Month follow-up scans

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I had my first round of two weeks ago (partial neph/enucleation was end of March). My urologist initially opted for just the abdominal CT (w/ contrast), but I pushed for chest and pelvis too since I never had one before the surgery. Luckily my insurnace provider (Aetna) approved the revised request and was able to get the complete scan. 

The good: Chest was clean as a whistle, no lung nodules or any pulmonary defects. All major organs in the abdomen (upper and lower) are pretty unremarkable, including my other kidney. My right kidney, appears to be still healing and there is some minor scar tissue. I'm extremely grateful for my surgeons skills - I have almost the entirety of my right kidney intact.


The bad: Almost all of May & June with an ever lasting sinus infection, MRI of brain gone bad with blown veins in both arms (fortunately good scan results), 3 bouts of antibiotics and almost non-existenet energy levels. July has been better, but if truth be told, I was feeling a whole lot better 3 weeks after my surgery than I did in May and June. The cocnern always seems to be what if there is a blood disorder but I m trying to keep my mind off such worries.

The urologist doesnt want another set of scans for another year and he only wants an abdomen CT and a chest Xray for July 2020. A cough or a fever between now and then and my anxiety levels are going to get off the roof. 


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    Sinus infection



    I don't think waiting for your scans is going to make a difference one way or the other. Have an ENT check your inner ear balance. I had that problem and Pnemonia a few years ago abd it was a ****.







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    Percy, why the concern for a

    Percy, why the concern for a blood disorder? Did you have any blood tests recently? It's perfectly normal to feel fatigued and run down after a long bout with an infection. As for the scans, since your lung CT was clear with no nodules at all, an x-ray is perfectly reasonable. As for the kidney follow up, if you don't want to wait a full year for a CT scan ask for an US at six months out of surgery. Hope you'll feel better soon!