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anyone had a cystoposy ..looks like.  I’m heading for one .. at least I should be thankful I am now under the care of the top prostrate surgical oncologist/urologist at UCSF Dr. Peter Carol with 34 years of experience in 6000 surgeries. I think he is feeling bad for me which I think they should. He did not help me make my decision he told  he told me basically do radiation or surgery outcome will be the same long as I know all the risks involved and unfortunately the radiologist did nothing but lie to me I held them both to the fire radiologist didn’t know what to say he kept jumping around changing the subject I ..surgeon believes I made a good choice ..why I don’t know ....I guess he has done soooo many open he has seen way too many bad side effects....who knows ....totally feel let down but there is hope he wants to do a cytoposy  find out about my urinary issues I have to take Flomax otherwise I cannot urinate and this all happened after radiation. He’s also not happy about my PSA still being at 4.0 he wants to keep a close eye on it he does believe it will go down  but if not he will do another MRI and maybe even a biopsy but he did say I could be cancer free and it just could be from my large prostrate still I just wish I could forgive myself for not doing the surgery I cannot believe that this guy lied to me especially when I knew he was I guess I’m just a big chickenshit when it comes to surgery but if I need to do it now I will....for those of you who have seen Zeros after surgery it must have been the best feeling in the world ever ...I hope one day I will get there ....thanks for listening ...

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With me, basically, put a tube up my urethra with a camera on it and entered my bladder.  I saw the inside of my bladder and at the the time the surgeon had me flex my kegels.  My first pee afterwards was bloody and stinging.  All of this went away.  Piece of cake.  Good luck on your journey.

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thanks what a Relief ..u know what no more internet .lol.my god they say it’s painful may need general anesthesia ..over night in hospital ..cathertor for few days. WTF ..glad to hear this thanks 

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I've had four, Steve, with the most recent one performed 3 weeks ago.  No pain at all, a tiny, tiny bit of discomfort occassionally, when the camera position is moved around during the procedure.  I had absolutely no blood, nor burning, after any of them.

Really, for all that we've been through in other procedures during our battles with the Bandit, a cystoscopy is really much ado about nothing.

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I did several cystoscopy procedures since 2000 and haven't experienced pain. The procedure is simple and the results are truthful, providing peace of mind for something we worry before doing it. I recall my first one done in 2000 before the prostatectomy. The image had a pinkish background for the bladder walls and some bluish veins. I could see the two ureters holes and the sphincter where the urethra is attached to the bladder. This was in dark pinkish color. The lastest cystoscopy in 2018 had a similar image but with fewer radiation scars in a watery whitish color. In a small area of the urethra wall it showed sort of tiny waves in white contrasting with the dark pinkish background.

Before procedure, the doctor inserts a sort of lubricating liquid (a numbing jelly) which in my case was enough to control sensations. After about ten minutes the urologist inserted a flexible tube (cystoscope) that have a light and camera in the tip, turning around providing views of all espheric 360 degrees. He took time to inspect any little point, while tape recording what he was seeing. I follow what he was saying in a TV screen set in front of the stretcher. It took about 15 minutes.

Please read this;




Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

I guess that my doctors have that on my personal bucket list for some time in the future along with a colonoscopy.
But I seem to be recovering from the surgery and the radiation quite well so maybe they are just distant points in the future for the moment.
Two months and a bit to go before I take tthe decision to stop the Firmagon or not.
Best of luck Steve, you deserve to win some.


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