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Have anyone had that due to chemo? 


I've been experiencing pains in fingers, hands and ankles. It's not neuropathy,as I had that during chemo and this feels different. It's worse in the morning and getting somewhat better during the day. 


I'm almost 5 months out of treatment of stage 4 UPSC. still waiting on the NED part as something keeps showing up on scans. Could be recurrence,could be inflammation after two surgeries in less than two months. Very annoying thongh.  ;)


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Fluff, I had joint pain that made me feel like 90 and I asked my sister to see if she could find anything out there that would help.  (The osteo-biflex stuff didn't work)  She found EGGSHELL MEMBRANE, I got the capsules (30 or so for $25) and I started to get relief within 3 days.  I realize everyone is different but I'll just through it out there.  Hope you find something that works for you. 

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Hey No Time,

I just went on Amazon and there are loads of different brands out there. What are you using? I would rather get something that has been 'tried and true' if I can.

Thanks for the input!

Love and Hugs,


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NoTime, I remember when you mentioned this before, and I asked my gyn/onc about it - she looked at me as if I'd just hatched an egg!  I think I'm going to pursue this - I've learned so much valuable information from everyone here!

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yes, I just made a post on here , “ Aching Legs,” it is mostly in my hips, worse after sitting and hard to go up any stairs. I am also 5 months from my last chemo.

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Donna Faye
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I have had chemo and radiation 3 times in my life - 1997;2017;2018. I had mild neuropathy after the first but no one told me it was from chemo until 2015 when my RN son suggested that was what it was. It is much worse after these last two chemos. I also have pain in joints and muscles. Oddly enough, Claritin 24 hr. helps and I also do exercise at least 3 days a week - water being the best for pain relief. I refuse at this point to take any pain meds other than Tylenol. I did post and asked if anyone had used a Quell device that my podiatrist suggested for the joint pain this week. I have used a TIN machine which helps while it is on, but not after I take off. I must also tell you that the neuropathy is now in my hands, not too bad, but still there. I have decided this type of pain will be with me from now on. Oh, I also have a massage 2 times a month and that helps me so much as I let all the stress pain flow out. Hope some of the things suggested by all of us will help .

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Donna Faye, I saw your post on the Quell device, and I am not familiar with it and I am sure I would be looking at everythng if I was still in pain.  Like you, I totally believe in getting exercise and keep moving in general.  My mom knew she had to keep moving or you would just solidify.  I would love to have regular massges or yoga.  There was a woman I worked with you gave a lunch hour yoga for $5 each week and I felt SO fantastic.  I told my boss I was going to make him pay for them!  Unfortunately, she took a job with another company.  The convenience factor, and coaching of a novice, was fantastic.

Edit - for all of you who suffer with neuropathy in your hands and feet my heart goes out to you.  I have tried to imagine how that is part of your lives and I just can't.  I know from what all you have said what an impact it is on living, and my heart goes out to you.  I realize how lucky I am not to have been affected this way, and it makes me want to continue to do advocacy work.  You all are my inspiration.

I bought the eggshell membrane capsules at Vitamin Shoppe.  They were: NEM Natural Eggshell Membrane.  It is about $25 and, for me, within 3-4 days I felt I difference.  I stopped using them after awhile and notice pain and started again, so I started again.  I eventually stopped taking them and I feel great.  

My oncologist looked at me sideways when I said I was taking them, but I wanted relief.  No way I wanted to live like that and, like we find out here, we all have to find what works for us.  

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