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Cancer Research Funding Article

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It's been mentioned on the board before, but this new article supports the observations that research on endometrial cancer, along with colorectal, pancreatic, ovarian, cervical, brain and lung cancer are all poorly funded, considering how frequently they occur and/or how many people they kill.


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eom, thanks for posting. 

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Oops.  I think the post I had was asking all of you to see if you were interested in a discussion and that is against the rules of CSN:

No User shall use the Service for any of the following purposes: to recruit members as participants in a research project or school assignment of any kind, to identify persons to interview for a media project of any kind, to interview members for a publication, to recruit volunteers for any service or organization, or solicit members for any other purpose. Users who wish to announce their projects on the CSN may submit an announcement request at http://csn.cancer.org/node/add/content_announcement. Recruitment of members for research or school assignments are also required to submit a copy of their research or school project proposal along with an IRB approval or exemption letter to CSNSupportTeam@cancer.org.

Sorry.  If you saw it - my apologies. 


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