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not in remission, but going on with Revlimid 15 mg alone

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Weird situation. Revlimid 15 mg, no remission. Been told that Dexamethasone causes depression in me. Prior to that, I needed to discontinue Velcade because of peripheral neuropathy.

I don't feel bad besides over 10 hours of sleep within 24 hours. No back pain and no leg pain. I feel hanging in the air taking Revlimid alone, so weird.

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Hi Shinaid,  My husband is just starting his treatment for high risk MM.  Velcade will start next week. Today was his first day of Revlimid and Dex. I don’t know your level of depression with Dex but is it possible at all to take an antidepressant that could allow you to continue with Dex? We are new to all this and right now the expense is scaring us as much as the MM is. Found a foundation to pay for the Velcade and Revlimid but we were told that the bone marrow transplant (if possible) will be 3 weeks of isolation in a negative pressure room. 

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Hi Frosted,

Thanks for the reply. There are many factors implicated in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma. What do you mean 'for high risk'? Does your husband have the illness declared as such or maybe at the stage of smoldering?

Revlimid-Velcade-Dex is the combination that puts Multiple Myeloma in remission over time. Often doctors will have to adapt the starting protocol for patients. We are all unique in our sets of genes and capability to tolerate fixed doses of medication.

No, Taking antidepressant with Dexamethasone is probably not a solution. I believe that for my case it was an excuse for my hematologist. Dexamethasone on very long periods can cause osteoporosis, and to weaken your muscles.

My Myeloma is not one that needs a bone transplant, so I can't discuss this part.

To sum up, don't be afraid of the illness, God will assist you too. Tell your husband to take the least pain killers possible; they may upset the stomach. He must drink plenty of water, be outdoor a lot and walk if possible. Rest. Prepare him the foods he likes or craves for. It's a long journey. I hope everything will go well. Never let your husband down, stay on his side, but still live your life. My blessings. 


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Hello Frosted,


Im day 71  post Auto- Stem cell transplant.   I  was diagnosed in January 2019  and was on Revlimid, Dex and Belcade shots on Fridays.  The treatment went well and after a bone marrow biopsy,  was in remission -  thus next stem my autologous stem cell transplant. This was done out patient,  although i was hospitalized for 7 days after the chemo.  the hospital was very sanitary due to our immune system being compromised but my daughters were allowed to stay with me. Alot of support from the nurses and staff.  went home and continued out patient treatment til my 45th day then I was released home.

Not sure of antidepressants but  i was given meds for anxiety throughout this treatmentm-- which i use less and less and began relaxation techniques.


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Hello, and thanks for sharing, any updates on your MM and health?

how did stem cell transplant go, would you do it over if you could?



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