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4 Years since cancer and all good

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Hi, to give a bit of encouragement to those still going through treatment I wanted to report that I just had my 4 year checkup for stage IIIC endometrial cancer (grade 2) and all is well at this point. On  June 30, 2015 I had a hysterectomy, and then on July 30, 2015 I began six months of a sandwich treatment (carbo-taxol, then radiation, then more carbo-taxol.) It was a hard journey, but I endured the treatment. Now, four years out, I am healthy and well. The only residual is numbness in both my feet that never got better, and never got worse. I just live with it and it doesn't stop me.

I don't take any medicine except vitamin D and a baby aspirin daily.  

I have not had recurrence so far, and my doctor is happy. He does CT scans and an exam once a year, and they have been clear so far.  Every year I hold my breath. Every year I breathe a sigh of relief. He will continue to watch me for awhile, till five years are up at least. 

My best to all the women on this board who are at different stages in their treatment. Don't lose heart. Keep going. Focus on the beauty and grace of this world, and focus on what you still have got, rather than what you have lost. You can do it. 

My hope is a clean bill of health for all of us!




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very happy for you and May this happen for all

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thanks for sharing your good news!

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Congratulations! Thank you for coming back and giving us encouragement! 

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It means so much to see that those with advanced stage/grade like me are thriving four years later!  Wow!  You've made my day!


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Donna Faye
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Always great to hear that one is well after experiencing cancer. 2018 was my 3rd bout with the big C (1997,2017) and I find myself counting the months since my last rad, April 2018. Reading about so many of us who have done well is very important as sometimes our docs are not very upbeat about the future. I have had a harder time this go-round getting back into things as fatigue slows me down and some days I wonder if I care. But then I read something here that makes me get moving again. So happy for you and hope everyone keeps dancing with NED.


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Yes, thanks for sharing your good news, no, your great news! 

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing.  I'm relatively early in the treatment stage so it's very encouraging to hear your news!

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Congrats Christine! Great news indeed!

Love and Hugs,


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Such good news...thanks for letting us know. 

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Thank you for coming back to tell us this.  It is very encouraging for those of us recently diagnosed, recently treated.

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Congrats Christine!

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Thank you for posting, that is good to hear!

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Excellent and encouraging. So very happy for you.

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Congratulations ! This is so good to hear! I'm Stage 3 Grade 1 starting treatment  at the end of the month  . Very scared !  This gives  me hope ! 


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Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary.  It is always good to hear from other long term survivors
so that others know you can heal endometrial cancer.  Glad to see you are taking a daily aspirin
and keeping up on your Vitamin D. They are important in helping to prevent cancer. 




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Thats very encouraging!!!! and CONGRATS!!!! BLESSED!! I just found out i have Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer!! and ima TERRIFIED!!!!


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So sorry to hear you are having to deal with this.   I don't know much about breast cancerbut I do know about being told you have cancer.   I'm not sure if you have visited the breast cancer discussion board.  This uterine boards is very active and I appreciate how good it is to talk to people who understand what you are going through.  We can listen and help with emotional issues.  A few women here have env had both breast cancer and uterine cancer.  

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and very close neighbor of mine. She is having surgery this coming Monday, July 29.

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Thank you for sharing. Congratulations and Good luck to you. 

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Always good to here this kind of news

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Awesome news!! Thank you for letting us know. It's so wonderful to hear good news.

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