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Very Low White Cells

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My blood work 2 weeks ago had my white cells at 190. Because of that My Chemo Dr. said I might not get my last (I hope) Chemo treatment. Has anyone had their Chemo stopped because of their low white cells issue? Dr. did give me a lower dosage in my Chemo. I'll get my blood work done tomorrow & next week to see if I'll get my last Chemo or not in 2 weeks? Stressed about this. Want to finish the plan the team had started.

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Yes, I had to take a break from chemo and had radiation, then finished my last chemo. My counts were very low and I was really anemic and getting sick and the doctor said that was enough. I resisted it, and wanted to finish the chemo first, but I really did need that break. I had a different chemo than usual (carboplatin and adriamyacin) because.of allergic reactions to Taxol, but they're all rough on the body.

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No break, but I did have 3 Neulasta shots. Fortunately I didn't have any side effects from them. 

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I had to have neulasta shots after my last 3 chemos, but was able to complete all 6.  No ill effects - I did take a claritin along with the shot.

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My neutrophil count went low, but not below 500.  But my chemo had to be stretched out to every 4 weeks for the last 3 treatments, due to low platelets, and I declined Taxol the last treatment, because of the onset of neuropathy in the ball of my foot.

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