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New Clinical Trial at Stanford

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Pioneering immunotherapy drug gets new testing for early prostate cancer


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The link you provide is not about the trial but about the wish of Dr. Edgar in having again Provenge in trials under the same standards except for the grade of the disease (Gleason score and metastases) and progress status. He wants to include in the trial only low risk cases. As we know, high risk patients did not show significant improvements that could value and justify the 90,000 USD cost of the therapy. Provenge share holders lost top dollars and may want to have a newer restart if the therapy shows better results in Gleason 6 patients, rivaling other more common therapies like AS, RP and RT. Provenge has been approved by FDA in 2010 for late stage patients.

With the understanding of the monoclonals work in fighting cancer, researchers found that low grade disease present lesser inhibition (survival switches) by the cells when threatened to destruction. At such a stage an immune therapy would also do better and that is what Dr. Edgar wants to verify.

I doubt that previous sponsors of Provenge will play again the game. Nowadays there are several other imunotherpys in clinical trials promising better results. Provenge will be competing against cheaper methods that include the traditional chemotherapies that would benefit from that knock down of natural inhibitors in cancerous cells, showing successful results in the end. There would be a series of side effects to account for too.

Thanks for the informative post. Let's be hopeful that something new gets out of the drawing boards into action.




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Thank you, your are correct.  Even though the article is informative the title is misleading.  I am disappointed in Stanford Medical for posting what on closer inspeciton now appears to be more of a press release promoting the new company.

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