Call me NED

I am happy to report that my PET shows NED.  I get a reprieve from appointments for the next 12 weeks.Well, except the appointment to have my port removed!  When I started down this path, I  didn't think I would get to this point.  I was too lost in the details of getting through each day, then each cycle, then each month.  I pray for a durable cure.  Thanks for your support! 




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    Great news!

    This is great news, Lucy.  Thank you for sharing. 

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    That's great!

    That is wonderful news Paula! I'm so happy for you. Smile Now enjoy whats left of summer.Cool Sue

    FNHL-grade2-stage3-typeA-diagnosed June 2010(in remission)

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    Congratulations Lucy !

    Congratulations Lucy !Laughing


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    Hello NED! :-)



    That is great news!  May you stay in remission for many, many years or be declared CURED soon!  Enjoy your summer and try not to think about cancer until your next appointment!  It feels so good to not have to go see the doctor for awhile (and to no longer need that port)!


    Take Care,





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    Thanks so much!  I will now

    Thanks so much!  I will now change my middle name to Ned.  LOL.  

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    You fought the good fight, Paula.  May you indeed receive the blessing of permanent wellness that you asked for,


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    Congrats Lucy

    Congratulations on reaching that dreamed about goal. 

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    Congrats on NED!

    So glad for your great report!