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Stent Update

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I've had my stent for three weeks now and am happy to report no problems thus far. To recap, they tried a nephrostomy tube (aka pee bag) but couldn't insert it because the tumor was in the way. The urologist gave 30% odds of being able to insert a stent; with odds so low I thought why even try? Plus, I was really, really apprehensive based on poor Cheese's horrible experience with her stent. And, the whole idea of a stent - a piece of plastic permanently stuffed up your ureter - sounded horrible. Mercifully, the surgery was a success and, after 48 hours worth of pain (think of the worst UTI you've ever had) things settled down and the stent and I are co-existing relatively well. The stent is actually doing it's job and my circulatory and fluid retention issues have abated dramatically. Some days it's more sensitive and I move in a gingerly fashion, and I often have what feels like low-level premenstural cramps, but this is very manageable compared to what others have experienced.  I start my new chemo next week - Torisol, an IV version of the Everolimus that Lulu was taking - which will hopefully shrink the tumor that's pressing on the kidney and ureter. Meanwhile, I'm eternally grateful that thus far the stent has provided nothing more than minor and intermittent irritation. Thanks to all of you who offered encouragement ! 

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literally (you) and figuratively (me).  So glad to learn that you have regained function and a degree of comfort.  I wish you peace and confidence as you head in to your next treatment.  Best wishes.  Oldbeauty

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So glad you've found relief and wishing you everything good and great as you continue your treatment.

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Donna Faye
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Have looked daily to see if you have reported how the stent was working and how you were feeling. So good to know things are better. You write so clearly and we can get a great understanding of the way your treatments go. Wishing you all the best feelings and good vibes I can muster.

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So happy to hear this update! I hope you have amazing success with the new treatments.

Love and Hugs,


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So so glad to hear the stent is working, Bobbi, and you are starting on your new chemo. I am praying this works to shrink those tumors. Just being out of pain is such a relief! Please keep us updated on your progress. (((Bobbi)))



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So happy for this :)

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so happy to hear you are getting some relief.    I know that first day when you get the stent in is like......I don’t know how I’m going to do it.....  then it finally calms down

sending you sone positive vibes to help shrink those tumors

all the best


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So happy that this is being manageable for you and doing what you need it to! Let's hope that your next step with chemo goes well, too. It feels like such a relief to hear something go right for you! 

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Another good decision for you.  Now praying that you can enjoy some goood days.   We are cheering for you!!

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I'm so glad to learn your experience with the stent is a positive one. 

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You have shown a remarkable resiliency that is so admirable. None of us know what is in store for us down the road, but I only hope I can face adversity and thrive as you have. Not to mention your extraordinary support of others while you have been fighting so hard. Glad to hear of the good news.


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I'm so glad to hear that the stent has relieved some of the pain that you were experiencing, with mostly tolerable side effects. And I'm sure that getting rid of the excess fluids is also helping you feel better.

With this big step behind you, onward to Torisol to shrink that persistent tumor!

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Good news!

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So glad to hear that surgery was a success. Wishing you all the luck with the chemo sessions.

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Oh, derMaus, I'm so glad to hear this wonderful report!  Onward.  So proud of you, brave girl.  I learn from you every time you post.

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Glad you are getting relief and the stent is working. Now for the everolimus to do its job.

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I'm so glad to hear your news! What a relief! I've heard good things about everolimus!

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Glad the stent is working, now for the chemo to do it's job and shrink that beast. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you an easy chemo cycle and managable side effects!! xoxo

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I hope the chemo is working like a charm and big congratulations on the good news with the stent!!  I like your urologist's style; better to be conservative on the statistics beforehand than to over-estimate the odds of success and end up with a disappointed patient. 

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