7 months post surgery pain

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Hello - I am 33 years old and had a 2 cm size tumor removed via robot December 6th.  I have been fine ever since until a couple weeks ago I started having pain on the front side of my abdomen on side that the tumor was removed on.  I'm having any back pain, just dull frontal pain.  Any thoughts on what this could be?  Is this something I need to email my doc about??


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    Have it checked out




    Sounds a little unusual to have new pains 6months

    later. have it checked out with GP or surgeon.





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    Iceman is right, call the doc.

    I remember my son's onocologist said to him that he did not care if his pinkie hurt he wanted him to know.  Meaning, you just never know and by calling they will figure it out and most the time it may be nothing but now your mind is at ease.   

    I pray it is nothing.  Please keep us informed.

    Hugs and prayers,


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    It could also be an ovarian

    It could also be an ovarian cyst. See your gyn too!