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Was any ones PC initially missed on a scan?

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Hi all -


thanks for for your help. I’ve been terribly worried that I could have pancreatic cancer. I have the abdominal pain with the shoulder blade pain, indigestion, excessive burping and gas. The oily stools. The abdominal pain feels like nerve pain (more of a burning feeling). However I had a CT scan and an MRCP scan and nothing showed on my pancreas. It’s been three months since my last scan and I still have all of the same symptoms. I really want an endoscopy ultrasound but my doctors denied it since my last scans were clear. It makes me feel crazy. Has anyone with pancreatic cancer missed it the first scan? Thank you. 

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You never mentioned any blood tests.

Did you have your lipase levels checked?   You could have pancreatitis.   I’ve had it several times.  Now when I get the symptoms I asked for that blood test.   altho it’s not always pancreatitis (several times it was) I like to keep tabs on it.  

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Kaleena, can pancreatic cancer and other issues be detected in blood tests? I know you mentioned lipase, is this the only test related to the pancreas?

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The test is CA19-9

check link below


CA 19-9 – Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

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