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Blessedgirl94 question

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Hi Blessedgirl, I am another in your cohort of surgery three years ago in June and July. You asked about follow ups - I have alternating scans, CT one year and ultrasound alternate year. There is concern about the contrast to do CT yearly (I only have one kidney). Labs every year but not chest xray. I asked my doc about the insurance issue someone raised - that after 3 years they won't cover scans. He said they should cover for me with letter from him and due to the solitary kidney - we'll see what happens next year on year 4. What are others finding? Thanks

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I have officially been denied.  I am planning on having an ultrasound/chest XRay next week, and then see my Dr mid July.  I’m thinking about paying out of pocket if I’m not satisfied with the ultrasound.  ☹️


I should bw thankful, I know.  I’ve been healthy and cancer ftee for 3 years.  I will report back after my appt!

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