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Preoperative neoadjuvant chemo and radiation to shrink tumor?

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Scheduled to have a 5cm non obstructing tumor in my transverse removed on 7/19, but someone I know recommended I get Preoperative neoadjuvant chemo and radiation to shrink tumor before surgery. All other scans and bloodwork have been normal.

Thanks you in advance for any advice you can give me.

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It seems like you are getting standard medical advice.  Is your "someone" a doctor?  If it were me I would want to get the tumor out as quickly as possible--before it spreads to the lymph nodes and other organs.  Also, if you review the various posts on this site, surgery is not so bad, but chemo and radiation is hell.  It may well be you can get by with surgery only, and from my perspective that is extremely lucky.

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Thank you. This is my thought. From what I've read, I would probably only use chemo as a last resort.

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Mine was about the size of a Nickle so I'm not sure how big your's is compared to mine but they did chemo/radiation first then surgery, then more chemo.  The tumor shrunk from a Nickle size to the size of a ball point pen after the intial chemo/radiation and when surgery occurred they got all the tumor and clear margins.  Sometimes it's necessary to do that first to shrink the tumor.  The bigger the tumor is, the more chances of cells escaping from removing the tumor and therefore could cause spread to other areas of the body during surgery.  It's your decision but one doctor of mine said no to chemo and one said definitely yes because the chance of recurrence would be less with it.  I'm here 10 years later but can't tell you if going the extra mile and doing every precaution was the reason why I'm here all this time later.  I'm just really blessed to be here.  Good luck in your decision and upcoming surgery.


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if it was your doc that suggested that, i would listen to them- they've been at this for a long time usually, and know what's best- to give yo the best change- cancer is nothign to take chances with- it needs to be hit as hard as possible- we MUST get it right hte first tiem for the best possible chance- if it wasn't your doc that said it- then I personally woudl discuss the possibility with hte doc- see what they think- might turn out that they don't think it's necessary-

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My surgeon did not recommend preop therapy. A friend of mine who is a doctor, who has had colon cancer with preop therapy, was asking why they wouldn't do it with me. 

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I agree, probably because of the size. I had radiation and chemo before surgery but mine was the size of a large chicken egg and was almost cutting off the opening. I'm sure if your surgeon thought you needed it they'd have suggested it. Good luck!


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Thank you so much

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