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Another NED

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Joined: Mar 2017

CT clear today and for some reason, they did an ultrasound on my testicles. I asked the doc, he didn't order it. Kinda weird and I don't recommend it.

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Joined: Jan 2010

They could have done worse.




CRashster's picture
Posts: 239
Joined: Mar 2017

oh, I am. Makes a great story at work. I kept asking “are you sure this is right?”

stub1969's picture
Posts: 888
Joined: Jul 2016

And you don't even have to embellish the story.  I couldn't help but laugh out loud.


CRashster's picture
Posts: 239
Joined: Mar 2017

at first I thought it was a joke, because I always kid around with the nurses. It’s the only way to get through this. Then some guy named Adam showed up, the ultrasound guy. Im like “are you sure....”

Positive_Mental_Attitude's picture
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Joined: Jul 2014

Maybe Adam was just bustin' your nuts.  Glad to hear about NED.

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Joined: Jan 2018

So happy Uncle NED came to visit!

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Posts: 506
Joined: Jan 2016

Great news!

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Joined: Mar 2014

Great news. And yes, that un-ordered US was a bit odd, lol. 

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Joined: Nov 2017

Glad to hear such happy news for you - but I think I'll leave further comments to the guys!  Take care

Posts: 111
Joined: Nov 2017

Very happy for your news and appreciate hearing your story.   Funniest thing I've heard all day.   

Posts: 80
Joined: Aug 2016

As long as it was a happy ending it's all good ! 

Lol! Just kidding couldn't help myself !

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