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Hubby has NED at this time!

Posts: 87
Joined: Jan 2018

richard had his APR in March, just returned from MDA last night for 3 month scans. NED! Fist time since he was diagnosed as stage 4 in July 2017! Hope this NED stays around for a very long time! It’s been a long rough roller coaster ride, so we are going to enjoy the break for now!!!! There is always hope!!! We truly praise God for leading us on this journey and feel so blessed!!!

SandiaBuddy's picture
Posts: 907
Joined: Apr 2017

Congratulations, that is truly wonderful news.  I hope you both enjoy a nice vacation or something special this Summer.

Trubrit's picture
Posts: 4885
Joined: Jan 2013

I think your Richard - and you - deserve our little Happy Dancing Man

May NED be your friend forever. 

So very happy for you both. 


Posts: 87
Joined: Jan 2018

Thank you!! I showed Richard the dancing man!! He may actually break out his own dance moves on Sunday which is his BIG 40 Birthday party!!!

Kazenmax's picture
Posts: 357
Joined: Feb 2016

great news! Now to relax and enjoy life!



Posts: 273
Joined: Apr 2018

What a wonderful result--congratulations !! May all future scans be NED too!

Annabelle41415's picture
Posts: 6239
Joined: Feb 2009

Thank you for sharing that wonderful news.  Wishing him well and time to celebrate.


JanJan63's picture
Posts: 2482
Joined: Sep 2014

Oh, I am SO happy for you both!!! That's awesome! Congratulations!!


Canadian Sandy's picture
Canadian Sandy
Posts: 518
Joined: Jul 2016

Happy for you!

abita's picture
Posts: 655
Joined: Dec 2017

So happy for y'all!

Posts: 87
Joined: Jan 2018

Thank you!! You all have been my saving grace so many times during this. I know my hubby isn’t out of the clear, but it’s a start!!! 

Msboop15's picture
Posts: 81
Joined: Apr 2019

That gives us all hope, especially us Stage 4’s. 


Posts: 87
Joined: Jan 2018

Don’t lose hope! So many would say that on here and  we thought wow hearing those three little letters would be so amazing. After almost 2 years to the date we did! Prayers!

Posts: 212
Joined: Jan 2018

Oh Pamcakes that is just the most wonderful news! I am so thrilled for you and your husband!!!!! Wahoooooooo!!!!!! 

Posts: 44
Joined: Jun 2019

Congratulations Smile  Great News!!

Ruthmomto4's picture
Posts: 638
Joined: May 2013

i hope it stays that way forever!!

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Capox Dude
Posts: 31
Joined: May 2019

N.E.D. for the W.I.N.  Congrats to you both.  Now, go do something fun and non-serious. Cool

Posts: 44
Joined: Jun 2019

That's terriffic!  I'm so glad :)


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Joined: Oct 2017


Posts: 1191
Joined: Apr 2012

May he be NED forever!!

Posts: 56
Joined: Dec 2017

Congratulations touch wood

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