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leg swelling and hip pain

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer clear cell carsamona back in 2016.  I had a positive lymph node and received radiation and chemo. 

Well things have been good until the last month or so and now i have developed hip pain and swelling of my complete leg.  Have been checked for a clot and the doppler was clear.  So I guess is this something that could be related to my cancer and treatments or is this something totally different.

Just trying to decide if i should go to my oncolagist or family doctor.


April Nickels


Please forgive me for my spelling issues have never been good at it. lol

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I can't say whether your leg swelling is specifically related to your treatments, but I developed lymphedema just about 2 ½ years after my uterine cancer surgery, during which 17 lymph nodes were removed. I also had external radiation. There is a recent thread on the uterine board that talks about lymphedema that you may find helpful:


It seems that other women have also developed lymphedema at about the 2-2 ½ year mark.

In my case, I happened to see my PCP before I was scheduled to see the gynecological oncologist. So she went ahead and wrote the order for me to be evaluated and treated by the hospital's lymphedema specialists in the physical/occupational therapy center. I happened to also see my gynecological oncologist the following week for my regular check-up and he also ordered the DVT ultrasound before I started therapy. But I'm sure he would have written the order for therapy too if I had seen him first.

It's always disappointing when side effects pop up years after treatment, but I'm glad to hear that you're otherwise doing well.

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I hope you are getting your pap smears done regularly, annually. What does the report says? Any changes in cell and cervicl epithelium? I hope its all clear. Discuss these symptoms with your doctor and see what he/she has to say about it. Dont panic. Just be calm and visit your oncologist, given your history, there is no point visitingyour local clinic


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