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6 month scan NED

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I don’t know when the count actually begins...this nightmare began in 2016. It came back in my left lung in 2018.

my doctor said I was cancer free right after my surgery in April.... so from that date, I have been NED for 14 months.

I finished chemo the end of December 2018 so from that date, I have been NED for 6 months.

I was first diagnosed in February 2016 with stage III rectal cancer so from that date, I am a survivor for 40 months! 

I calculate the numbers in the hope that my numbers will beat the odds. LOL! The fact is, I’m feeling better every day! I see my oncologist tomorrow. I hope my bloodwork matches the scan. I also hope to hear that I can get this port taken out!

Heres hoping you all get NED! Thanks for all your support.


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So delighted to hear your good news! NED is some awesome stuff!

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It is always gratifying to hear good news.  Congratulations.

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That's wonderful news!  I'm so happy for you.

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Great news!

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That is wonderful news.  You deserve a big WooHOOOOO.


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We will be joining you soon. My Husband is finishing his 3 Months of Chemo this month. Then the waiting and worrying. If none of us ever knew we had health issues so nuch of our lives would be free from the anxiety. But, then we also wouldnt have had the change to discover something and do our best to iradicate it! Wishing you the best!! Please update.


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The fact is, you are NED and that mean CELEBRATION TIME!

  May NED be your compainon forever. 


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6 months or 14 months NED is NED and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!! 

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I am so sorry I missed this! Wonderful news! I am so happy for you!!

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Great news!

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