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Keeping Ms Boop15 In Our Thoughts

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Just wanted to remind everyone to send good energy and prayers to Elaine. This was the week of her liver resection. Hoping all has gone well and we get an update with good news on recovery and progress. Hugs, M

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I wish Elaine all the best for a succesful surgery and quick recovery.

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Sending positive thoughts for a successful surgery and complete recovery.  Hope that she lets us know how she is doing when she is able.


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Canadian Sandy
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Lots of positive thoughts sent your way.

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Have been thinking of Elaine and hoping and praying everything is going well!

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I thought I'd be laying in a hospital bed this week but I'm not.  Had a crazy week last week.  VERY disappointing appointment with my onc who was already talking to me about "mop up" chemo.   I had a terrible cough so called the surgeon's office.  They told me to come in.  We decided to delay surgery until the cough was gone.  He also told me that as of 6/17 the tumor on my liver was still shrinking and that there is a possibility that it could go away.  I called this a.m. to get back on his schedule, hoping that the cough would be resolved in a couple of weeks.  He's now decided to wait 8 weeks, do another scan and then decide where we go from there.  He's still thinking that it could disappear.  He said we don't lose anything by waiting...even if the tumor starts growing again it won't get so large that it would be inoperable in that short of time.  I'm kind of amazed!  So, no surgery, at least for awhile.  

Thank you all so much for the good wishes...and I can always use good thoughts and prayers!  I should have posted sooner but it's been a little crazy here.  

Thank you all for being there!!




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Great news about the shrinkage and no surgery for now.  Hoping that your cough gets better and next scan comes out even better than the last.  Thanks for letting us know.


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How wonderful that the tumor is shrinking and might disappear.  You had a great response to the chemo.

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