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Low Platelet count

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New to the site-This is a great support site, I only wish I found it sooner. My journey:

Diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer on February 19,2018, Had surgury on the 20th to remove a mass the size of a tennis ball and 10" of my colon and I was also given an Ilieostomy.They also found two small mets on my Liver...Started Chemo on March 28th and did 6 of my 12 rounds with the last of the first 6 on June 13th. Pet Scan and MRi the following week and the Chemo did it's job. Scheduled for Surgury on August 3rd to have a Liver resection, Gall Bladder removal, Ileostomy reversal and a hernia repair. All went well until I got an infection 3 weeks later, Hospital 18 days, Antibiotics until October 12th to clear up the infection. Started my last 6 rounds of Chemo on Nov 5th, 2018 and finished up  on February 6th ,2019. CT Scan February 18th and everything came back clean!  Through all my rounds of Chemo all of my bloodwork was good except fpt the last 2, i had to wait an extra week because my platelet counts were to low. I just had my 4 mounth CT Scan on June 17th and still all Clear!!!!

This is where the Low Platelet count question comes into play-I had blood work also done last week and all my numbers were great except for my platelet count-it was 64. I would have thought that it should be back to normal after over 4 months of being off Chemo-Has anyone else ever experience low counts months after Chemo has ended.

I have been very fortunate with the resullts that I have had since my diagnosis and am very thankful as well, but his low platelet counts is bothering me.



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My RBC and Platelets were down about 2 - 3 years after receiving treatment.  My WBC never went to normal after 10 years.  Sometimes it just takes longer for others and it depends on the treatment you received.  I'm glad that you found us.  We are a wealth of information as you can see.  Awesome that all is well with you.  Welcome to the board.


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Thank You!


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My mom's platelet counts has always been above 100s.  But after her 2nd major surgery, it drop to 60s and never bounced back.  Now we're on Afinitor chemo and it dropped to 38 on this week's blood test.  Oncologist told us to stop for a week to see if it recovers back to the 60s.


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Thanks You!


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