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8 Months Good - Not so As Of Today

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I'm 60 yrs old male. I had my left kidney removed Oct 2019 along with ( 30 nodes all clean) - RCC. Robotic surgery for 6 hrs and out of the hospital in 18 hrs after surgery. My first scan FEB 2019 was clean, no concerns. Blood work good.  Fast forward June 20,2019. NEW CT Scan - I have a new lung nodule .. had 2 previous but my surgeon said not to worry Feb 2018.  Well, my scan shows this new nodule AND something brewing on my left side near left ribs ( my blood work was good again). I'm to say the least very bummed. They are scheduling a lung biopsy and bone scan for next week. I'm feeling physically very well. Mentally, the roller coaster ride begins again . Any advice from similar folks, similar situation ?  Thanks in advance.




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I have not been in similar situation to yours, but I think others here can give you information - I can only commiserate with the feeling of being hit in the head with a 2 by 4 when you think things are going along smoothly. It is good you are feeling well physicall - that helps support the mental state and give it time to recover. Let us know how you are doing and how the biopsy and scan go next week. Take care -

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Thank you.
I've cancelled any further tests till after the 4th so I can go camping in peace for a week. Then I'll deal with whatever when I get back. Cool

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No advice just good wishes and hope the biopsy comes back with good news. Hang in there; the roller coaster sucks and I feel for you.

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Thank you.

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Aerostat, I had my nephrectomy in September 2018, so I'm just ahead of you. Lung nodules seem to appear at random out of thin air - or more likely, thick air. I hope your new one is like that. Even the pre-existing ones had to be new at some point. As for the mystery spot - I had one show up in my kidney bed on a PET/CT scan a few months ago, which led to a biopsy. It was just new scar tissue that had formed as the adrenal gland made a new home for itself. I hope yours are also harmless recovery bumps.

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Thank you !

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Recurrence is a risk after nephrectomy, although I sincerely hope this is a false alarm for you. 8 months is perhaps a little sooner than most recurrences, certainly sooner than mine was, so hope for the best, but either way it is better to know what is happening.

If it does turn out to be mRCC, there are lots of treatments available today that can get you through.  The difficulty is knowing which one will work best for you, as we are all different and so it would seem are our cancers.  Make sure your physicians entertain all possible therapies and are not wedded to one or blinded to another.

My story is on my profile page, and I remain free from visible tumours in my 3 monthly CT-Scans.  

Best Wishes, Fred

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two previous lung nodules? If your biopsy comes back positive, Id get them cut out asap . JMO

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I' sorry you joined our club--but I'm glad you found us.  Can you provide more information for us about your cancer?  What was your staging and type of RCC?  Did your pathology give you some indication of the aggressiveness of your tumor?  All of this will come in to play as you begin your treatment.  We have a lot of people here that have went a round or two with mets.  Some have been able to "treat" their mets with surgery/radiation while others start 1st line treatments. 

Couple other questions I have:  Where are you being treated?  Are you seeing an RCC specialist? 

Wishing you only the best!


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