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Update Hawaii trip and new Doctor

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Hi all, been away from this site for a couple of months or more. So I did make it to Hawaii, what a trip! My son went with me. I've never been on a trip that far away, 14 hour flights are killer! It was not exactly what I expected but so beautiful. Photos don't do it justice! We went to Waikiki, which is busy busy. I had views of the ocean in three different directions from my hotel room. Hotel was newly renovated and so nice. Stayed 10 days, so a lot happened, had some great food and saw awesome scenery. It was very hectic where we were, like downtown Manhattan. Anything you wanted to shop for or find to eat was almost around the corner. It was something to remember. We did venture out to a Luau about an hour away, it was beautiful and food was delicious. They put on quite a show and it was right on the beach of course. I want to go back! I had a few down days to rest and etc, I couldn't do hikes or much physical activity but that was ok for me. I think I'm still trying to get back to my time zone and recuperate.

So I had seen a new Doctor before I left and we had talked either chemo or Hospice. I am not ready mentally for Hospice. Saw her today, she is awesome and we scheduled some chemo to start next week. I'm not thrilled about it but my chest hurts, the tumors are all in my lungs now and liver. So to help hopefully shrink them and get some pain relief from the tumors in my liver, I am starting 5FU, Leucovorin and Ironetecan. If it makes me too sick then I will just have to stop it. Because I do want to try to take some more trips on my bucket list. I just want a quiet house on the beach and have peace and quiet, listen to the ocean. I really didn't get to do that in Hawaii. Oh and the mountains too. Hope I can squeeze it all in.

Sorry for my absence, that's just me anymore...

I have been reading your posts here, we're all in this together.



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I also have liver mets with some new lung mets joining the party recently. I started on irinotecan and cetuximab yesterday. 

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It is great to hear about your exciting trip.  From my perspective, life is for living.  Best of luck in the upcoming treatment.

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I’m so glad that you got to Hawaii. The trip sounds wonderful! now you are ready to work on those nodules! Good luck!


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I am so happy to hear that you made it out to Hawaii and that, for the most part, you had a wonderful time.  

I hope that you are able to check off many places on your bucket list in the future. 

Goo luck on with your chemo. I hope it knocks the socks off those mets. 

And dont be apologising for taking a break from the forum, we all do it from time to time. And you had an excellent reason to boot. 


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you took your trip to Hawaii!! That’s wonderful! I hope you don’t feel too badly on the chemo!

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I'm so glad that you decided to go on your trip to HI.  It sounds like you had a wonderful time and saw and did some amazing things.

You do what you need to do with the treatment.  If it gets too bad, like you said, you can always suspend it.  It's a good thing that you feel comfortable about any decision that you discuss with your doctor. 

Thanks for letting us know that you went on your special trip.


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Really great that you got to go and hope you got some Aloha spirit of the Islands while there! 

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Congratulations for your decision!

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SO happy for you that you made your trip to Hawaii and went with your son. I know that it can be a handful with him, but I am glad that you two got to spend some quality time together and away from the "C" for a bit! It sounds wonderful!!!! 

Look, every patient is different when it comes to the infusions. Jim tollerated them extremely well. Yes he tired a little but he still managed to fish and boat, work and live as normal of a life as possible just not when in the chair. His appetite was so good too then too, he actually gained a couple of pounds! Never was nauseous, never in any pain. I sincerely hope that you find this to be same for you too! As always Karen you are in my thoughts and my prayers!!! 

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