Chemo and pulse rate

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hello everyone.

i am very happy to have found this forum. 

I just finished the third round of my chemo Treatments. And just noticed i am having a high pulse rate. Nothing below 100 and sometimes it goes up to 125. 

has anyone experienced this?

Thanks from Switzerland



  • jorola
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    Welcome - what has your dr said?

    Those are very high numbers to consistently have yet I am no dr. I am assuming you have discussed this with your doctor. If you haven't please do so immediately.

  • cinda
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    chemo and pulse rate

    My  pulse ran this high.My chemo Dr and oncologist never seemed concerned. Figured it was just being nervous at Doctors office. Was told once to keep track with home monitor for a week to see if it was this high at home. It wasn't. Have you checked it at home?