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First Appointment W/New Oncologist

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I had my initial appointment with my new doctor yesterday. I really liked him. He spent 1 1/2 hours just listening and talking with me. He truly listened and was genuinely interested in every detail of my care from the start to where it will go from here. He did not try to influence me on taking chemo. My oncologist in SC immediately told me if I wasn't on chemo that protocol was to scan every 6 months with bloodwork. My new doctor said absolutely not considering I am stage iv. He will scan me and do bloodwork every 3 months for the first year. My bloodwork looked good yesterday. My CEA dropped again from the initial reading with my family doctor last week from 2.8 to 2.4 and my Alkaline Phosphate level came down from 150 to 138. My liver enzymes also looked good. They were expected to take some time to level off after losing half my liver.  I'll take every little drop I can get, lol. I am scheduled for a CT scan on the 26th and a follow-up with him to discuss it all on July 2nd. Prayers said and fingers crossed!!  One thing that was elevated in my bloodwork was my RDW level. I was slightly anemic just by a few points still and this can affect that as well as inflammation in my liver with healing, so I am hoping that is all it is. Getting enough iron into an already altered diet can be a little tricky but I have done great so far and hope my iron levels will increase and the anemia will be taken care of as my liver heals. A hgh RDW level can also reflect lung cancer. My lungs and all other organs have been clear so far.I hated going back into the arena of tests and doctor visits but I have accepted this as part of my life right now. Wishing everyone here a beautiful afternoon...hugs, M

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Ugh, tests, how I hate them so. It is tough when the results are ambiquous.  Great news about the new onclologist and the CEA.  I wish you the best on the upcoming scan--and a lot of life (and meteor showers) between now and then.

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my husband has a lot of liver issues now from hai pump chemo and his RDW always goes up when he is having liver inflammation or any times he has a blockage.  I would not worry about it or any lung issues either! Enjoy the three months!

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Your husband is so lucky to have you for support. I can't imagine having the HAI pump. I got a call back from the nurse yesterday and my RDW dropped from 150 to 138 so I am relieved. The fluctuating numbers will probably scare the heck out of me but I am hoping they level off as I heal. Thank you for taking the time to support and encourage with all that you have on your own plate. Being a care giver is not easy and you need support and encouragement for yourself as well. Wishing you both the best!! Hugs, M

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So glad that you like your new doctor.  It is important that you trust them and that they listen to you.  Sounds like you have good results on your tests too.  Wishing you the best on the upcoming test.


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So happy to hear you liked the new oncologist...and that he listened to you...so important. 

I know you recently wrote that you’re starting to feel like yourself & I saw that you’re going camping soon...Life is coming together for you & I am so happy!  Once you decided no more chemo things just started falling into place, confirming you made the right decision for you. Makes me smile. 

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