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3 Year Follow Up

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Hi Everyone - especially Bay Area Guy and stuib1969 as we seem to be in the same cohort... Monday, Tuesday, and Wed of next week I have my annual physical, labs, ultrasound, and followup with urologist/oncologist who was my surgeon 3 years ago. I come to Iowa every summer for events around family, church, and jazz band camp, as well as all my doctoring. So I've been following the discussions about scanxiety and have you all on my mind. In the mean time, derm appointment tomorrow to remove a pilar cyst that seems routine and hopefully unrelated. Take care All -

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Bay Area Guy
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Hi jazz.  Good to hear from you.  I had my scan yesterday and I’m waiting on the results, though I did order the tech not to find anything.  It worked with the X-ray tech last week since my lungs were fine.  And my blood test showed creatinine of 0.92 and eGFR of 92, so those were quite nice.  

Your tests and appointment will be fine.

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The more Neds, the merrier.









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Did you hear--June is Uncle NED month!  At least that is what I'm hoping for.   I have my three-year scans on June 27.  I start early at 6:00 am with blood work,  CT scan, and chest X-ray.  Then I'm off to meet with a genetic counselor.  By the time I leave Rochester late afternoon, I'll have my results--excluding any genetic testing that they'll do.  

I'm not sure how you, Bay and others handle getting your results days or weeks after your scans.  I'm afraid that would drive me up a wall.  I consider myself lucky that Mayo provides patients the opportunity to meet with their doctor later in the day to review results.

I'll be thinking and praying for you guys.



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Bay Area Guy
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I get my results posted online in a day or two.  I just like spacing the X-ray and CT out ato reduce the radiation load in one day.  

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Good luck, Jazzgirl and Stub! You have no chance to avoid Uncle NEDs visit, he tends to be very persistent these days :-)

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Good luck to you both, Jazzgirl and Stub!

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You guys!  Wishing ned to all!

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I know how stressful it all is for you

sending you best best Irish luck



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