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Affiliate Hospitals

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It's really the doctor that matters more than the institution IMHO. It's a mistake to select an institution first and then pick one of their doctors because he works there. Just because an institution focuses on cancer treatment doesn't mean that they are the best choice for all types of cancer. Just look at what happened with LadyMox at Rosewell Cancer Institute in Buffalo. It's a well respected cancer institution, but it's strength is in treating children's cancers more than for gyn cancers. I lucked out by asking my referring gynecologist who she would go to if she were me and she sent me to a gyn oncologist who did not practice at that cancer hospital. I thank her everyday for that. It's good reason to not lose hope if you don't have access to those places that spend a lot of dollars on self-promotion. It's the doctor who matters most in getting you through it all.

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Yes, MAbound, you're correct that it's the doctor who is operating or treating, not the institution.  My gynecologic oncologist performed my surgery at a community hospital in NJ.  I researched him extensively and chose him over another gyn-onc I consulted with at a major cancer center.  Couldn't have asked for better care and treatment.  I just sent him a thank you card for the 20th anniversary of my surgery last month.  When I had my hip replacement surgery, I went through the same vetting process.  While I went to a major orthopedic institution in Philadelphia, I would never have allowed any available surgeon there to operate. 

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Thank you for the link - I ended up reading about six different articles while at that site!  How are you feeling?

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now that I'm finally under the doctor I SHOULD have been under in the first place, she does any surgeries or extensive medical procedures at the main hospital. Infusions and tests are OK at affiliates, but not major procedures. This trial I am under now, however,, I have to go ONLY to the main hospital for all tests, per the sponsor. It's a long drive for me, but that's the way it goes.

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