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NRG Oncology trial sets new standard regimen for women with uterine carcinosarcomas (MMMT)

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Results from the phase III NRG Oncology clinical trial GOG 0261 comparing paclitaxel plus carboplatin (PC) to paclitaxel plus ifosfamide (PI) in women with stage I-IV, recurrent carcinosarcoma of the uterus or ovary, indicate that the PC combination treatment should be considered a standard of care for this patient population.

You can read the full summary at:


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Thats interesting. Thanks cmb

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CMB, thanks so much for all you do for this board!

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Thank you for the kind words, Armywife. This site has such a wonderful collection of women who share their experiences that I'm happy that I can contribute in a small way.

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This is the trial that my dr recommended 8 1/2 years ago for me to go into when I was first told I had MMMT uterine cancer.  She gave me all the paperwork to read so I could make an informed decision.  I decided against the trial as I did not want to be given the ifosfamide after I read that one of the side effects was death.  I figure if the treatment might kill me before I had a chance to fight the cancer I did not want to be apart of that.  So after talking it over with my family and the dr she suggested I just go with the Paxel / Taxel chemo treatment and No radiation.  I am still here almost 8 years later with no recurrance so something went right.  Glad to know what the trail determined to be true that it is as good as doing the Ifosfamide.  trish

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I am so happy you were able to make an informed decision before jumping into a trial and you have had tremendous
success in your journey. So many of these experimental drugs have some serious side effects, and you have to weigh
the risks and the benefits.

I am awaiting the results of a key trial I entered in Jan 2015- Taxol/Carboplatin with or without metformin - the trial ends
in September 2019.  I entered the trial because I realized I needed to be on meformin for my insulin resistance- lucklily
my integrative doctor put me on the drug when I first met with him one month later (because of my insulin resistance, which is a key
driver of enometrial caner) and I removed myself from the trial.  Thank goodness I did my own research and learned that metformin is
a drug that any doctor can prescribe if it would be of benefit.

It is unfortunate that the trial has a poor design as women who had conditions that metformin treats (pre-diabetes, diabetes, high
insulin, high IGF-1) or the mutatations it targets (PIK3CA/PIK3R1/ PIK3R2) were not guaranteed the drug. If you have these
mutations (of the mTOR pathway), you are likely to be chemo-resistant, so the goal of adding metformin was to make the chemo work

I couldn't waste time not taking the drug so I made an informed decision to get on the drug and remove myself from the trial.

I'll be very curious as to what the results show.  My 5 year anniversary is fast approaching in October. I have not had a 
recurrence since I officially started on the metformin in February 2015 and have remained in complete remission.

Here is the link to the metformin trial- it began in Feb 2014.


It is so important to do your own research and take control of your cancer.





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