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Finally today is the day supposed to discuss treatments

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I realize my cancer is slow growing but I have had such anxiety at tumors growing while no one seems to be in a hurry to discuss my treatment options with me. I sent message how anxious I am so they assured me today I would be finding out about possible treatments. 

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I feel your pain. My husband got diagnosed almost a month ago and no treatment yet. We had to fight with insurance just to get the MRI and ct scans. Now we are waiting for the port... but we cant get a call back from the surgeon... it is so hard i keepthinking the same thing that the tumor is growing everyday... it is very frustrating.... I keep calling and bugging... I guess that's all we can do. 

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today!! I think about you often, update when you can!

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Thank you! They are looking for immunotherapy trials for me. I was tested for one, and waited 3 weeks to find out that the place doing the trial hadn't received enough of the tumor to test it. So now he is checking with the phase 1 trials to see if any suit me. If not, and because it has been so long since my last chemo, and tumors are growing, possibly spreading (cmy words, an you sense my state of mind/panic on the subject) we are seeing if my insurance will cover regorafenib. I posted to see if anyone nows about it. I guess the name brand is Stivargo. 

It is all so confusing. Like, do I risk a phase 1 treatment if they find one, that could possibly be a miracle. Or do I take the targeted drug that has already been approved, even thugh the side effects are chemo side effects and can't really cure me, but will shrink them and keep them from growing and so on.

yeah, i have been very anxious while waiting. Laughing


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