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I have said it once and I will say it again.....I HATE NUMBERS! Jim's CEA is doing well small drops and that makes me so happy but on Friday, we got a call, his potassium numbers went down....way down.....hovering at severely low down, 2.3 (aka severe hypkalmeia).....Naturally they wanted to admit and he didn't want to go so they gave him a script to try and I Had to drive all over town in the rain to find a pharmacy that had the powder in stock, wound up in one of the worse neighborhoods in the area but got my hands on it. Not gonna lie, but if I never have to drive back in that area again that would be fine by me, YIKES! Well if the numbers are up today out of the severe range then he is fine to continue with the supplements, but if not he will be admitted to the oncology floor. I wish they would have at least insisted on the EKG since it could be stressing his heart, but nope he talked his way out of it. So here I am pacing the floor again over a stupid number, he is at work and goes to the hospital in an hour for blood work. I would meet him but I guess there isn't any sense they are only drawing it and the doctor will call in an hour when the lab gets it back.....HA an hour anyone want to place a wager on how long this will take?

I need to confess, I had this before, severe hypokalemia....but mine was from dehydration. I had pneumonia which turned sepsis and was in critical condition in th ICU. The doctor accidentally administered too much potassium to me in the hospital and I went into cardiac arrest. I will never forget that day sitting in the hospital bed, my hands started to tingle, the CNA walked past my door and I said get the nurse, by the time the nurse walked in my monitor went haywire and the next thing I knew she reached behind me pulled the code button and dropped my bed. I came to with over a dozen people in the room and felt like I had been punched in the chest. They called my husband and told him to rush in that I stopped breathing he thought I was dead and technically I breifly was. Our boys were only 3 at the time. I have suffered from some degree of PTSD from that. I lost my faith in doctors in that moment and ever since have been over the top cautious about any medicine or supplement that enters my or my families bodies. I have since had low potassium levels from various illnesses, granted none in that severe range, and I refuse to take potassium supplements. Potassium scares the bejuesus out of me and I guess rightfully so. Thus since the call on Friday I have been really on edge, my mind racing with all kinds of horrible thoughts. I know in my right mind that this is easy peasy to remedy but in my PTSD messed up mind I am frantic. Yup.....I hate numbers. 


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    Potasium is a weird one.  I had been taking prednisone and it seemed to cause potasium depletion that caused heart problems.  I have been taking low dose supplements (100mg a few times a day) and it really seems to have helped, and to also help with my back and pinched nerve problems.  It really does not make much sense.  But I will take any improvement I can get.

    I understand that once you get burned by a situation, you are fearful.  But hopefully your husband's health will get back on track.

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    I know numbers suck!

    i hope he got a good result from his bloodwork!

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    I have been eating a lot of

    I have been eating a lot of fruit this week to increase my potassium as my feet have been swollen to the point my shoes don't fit. My numbers from blood test today were in the top of the range. I know when i was first diagnosed and they were worried about my heart rate and stuff, at one point they put me on a potassium drip. The only advice I can give is if get it in drip, make sure it is a SLOW drip. The nurse left mine on the fast drip from the bolus drip before it, and oh my gosh, so painful. And that was before I discovered that yu can press the clip on the iv toget it 

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    Thanks once again everyone!

    Now that his potassium is up again and I started to relax, he spiked another high fever last night. He was shivering so violently but refused for me to take his temp. But when I kissed him on the forehead he was on fire so I know it was way up there, my motherly instincts lol. Stubborn mule wouldn't call the oncologist since he is going for infusion today and figures they will check him out there. I felt like calling ahead to tell them that he is running a fever and masking it with Tylenol but....if he catches wind I did I will never hear the end of it and it would just stress him out more. I have to keep reminding myself it's on his terms but none the less it's still very aggravating.