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Newly diagnosed- needing help and advice

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A family member has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Age 74. Chemo

starts next week and I’m wondering what I should expect And how I can help. I’m scared to death. Any advice, info, experience, etc 


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Everyone's chemo experience is somewhat different, but to fairly address generalities you need to find out a few things about your relatives case.

First, what STRAIN of non-Hodgkins does he or she have ?  This will be on the biopsy report, and the doctor should have explained this to the patient directly.  There are dozens of different lymphoma types, and outcomes can vary dramatically depending on the strain.

Second, what chemo drugs are being given ?   Experience varies tremendously, depending on the drugs involved.

And what is the patients overall health generally, aside from the cancer ?


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I will ask and get back with you. Thanks so much 

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There are that many varieties involving T and B lymphocytes as well as N/K cell. As to staging, don't stress. Lymphoma staging is completely different from all other cancers. It is just as treatable as at stage 1. I have been stage IV at least twice. Things to ponder: a second evaluation of the biopsy sample to be absolutely certain of the type. At least two opinions regarding treatment.

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