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Depression kicked in..................

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Years ago I had a personal situation in my life that one day literally overnight sent me in a department of anxiety and depression. I eventually seeked a professional help and it made things sonewhat better. Some things took place later on that were very significant and the matter of depression and anxiety was resolved. It was years ago. I never got it back when I got diagnosed with cancer. The depression is suddenly back to the full degree. I mean suddenly. I am not sure what offset it my I suspect that I realize that I have a cancer problem and need help. My local oncologist is great, saw a guy at MD Anderson, other 2 oncolgysts and no one has a solution to the problem. Things showed on the lungs. Too many tiny ones. Not a candidate for surgery, SERT forgive my spelling. The doc in Germany is not taking me fir s surgery. I refer to Dr. Drewes who is doing one in multiple mets in the lungs. Yep I am on chemo and that all they can offer me until it stops working. Hoped those tiny wings will go away as a result of chemo. Nope still there. Some increased. Tried 2 shrinks. I had a good one but he retired. Both were very different but horrible. One said he can demonstrate his empathy but doesn’t know how to help. Walked out with a major headache after an hour saga. The second one was cocky and arrogant and basically told me to suck it in. Walked out of his office in 20 min. I realize I need help and admit it openly but can t find anyone who can help. I read medical articles, info on current clinical trails. I don t see anything applicable, or something that looks promising and will potentially approved any time soon in regard of my specific cancer matter. Advise, please? Fondly, Butt. 

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It just sounds like you are not getting the direction and treatment you seek.  Sounds like you have already sought a second opinion but could you go for a third opinion to another hopsital or facility that isn't affiliated with the other two.  Also, you should try to get help with the anxiety and depression.  It's common for people to get depressed during treatment and/or diagnosis but you should see if someone can help if it doesn't get better.  I'm sorry I'm not able to give you anymore help, but hope that you can find a third person to give you some encouragement.


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I think that depression is a fairly normal emotion to this disease.  It is something that affects our dreams for the future, adds much worries about what will happen, and much stress during the treatment process.  I think that the depression is a normal and expected reaction, but it feels terrible.  I started taking medication for the first time in my  life, and it really helped for me.  I hope you are able to find what you need medically, and that you start to feel better.

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Butt, I'm sorry you're going through this and haven't found any helps so far. I spoke one time to a woman at our cancer centre that was a councellor or psychologist or whatever and she was very nice but I just take antidepressants and that seems to be more effective than anyhting else. My family doctor said most people with a chronic disease need that little bit of help. Mine are the lowest dose. I have found that occasionally some small thing will happen and it will put me in a dark place. Like you, I have so many small mets in my lungs that surgery isn't an option. But the chemo I'm on does help keep them smaller.

It's frustrating and disheartening. I hate being on this roller coaster and I'd love to be off for a while.


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