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Life Expectancy with Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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A very informative video to me.


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Absolutely, take your time with deciding on treatment options and always measure quality of life issues which is directly releated to staging of the cancer and the side effects of each treatment option.  Good video.

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My case is a good example of "Why not wait?".  It appears I have a very goood chance of surviving the next 15 years while advances in treatment are accelerating.  Hence while maintaining a very active AS program I can avoid lifestyle complications up to the point to when and if I need treatment it will be better quality down the road.

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Hi.  I'm new to this.  Please bear with me.  I am a 62 yr old retired army sergeant.  I had prostate removal in 2001 after a psa score of 4.  They took out part of my bladder to make sure nothing spread.  Everything was good until January 2017 when I has a positive bladder cancer reading.  I had immediate bladder surgery and was cured. Negative prostate reading and negatve bladder cancer reading.  Now, Jan 2019 my psa was detectable at psa 0.18 and a retest last week rose to 0.19 and there are suspectible lesions in my bladder.  My doctor is recommending radiation treatment.  Never had that before.  Any comments please?  Thank you.


Georges Calvez
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Hi freddieol01,

Welcome to the community, could you start a new topic and tell us a bit more about your cancer like the Gleason score, staging, etc?
All information is useful as it gives us an idea of how your cancer fits in the range of prostate cancer types.

Best wishes,


loving wife7
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Thank you for this post ...it is good.


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