Update- surgery last week

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Hello all. Been away from the discussion boards because I needed a mental health break leading up to my surgery. Here's my quick update. Surgery went extremely well. It was the proctectomy with coloanal anastamosis. My family said surgeon actually did a happy dance in the consultation room post op. She said she had more to work with than she thought going in. Not only got clear marguns, but an extra cm to boot.

Pathology results came back faster than expected and were clean. No lymph nodes. Tears of joy.

So now I'm learning to care for the temporary ileostomy. It's pretty noisy. WOC nurse comes today for training on how to change the appliance myself. Not gonna lie, i think the stoma looks gross and I'm not looking forward to having to touch it myself. Lets just say that nursing was never a career option for me. Dr says as soon as I start to feel comfortable with it she's going to reverse it. And since the pathology was good news, no chemo


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    Terrific News!

    SO glad to hear your surgery was a success and you do not need chemo! Hope you recovery is speedy and reversal can happen soon!

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    Good news is often followed by more of the same.   Here's to a quick and successful surgery in the near future.....and the end of your nursing career. Tongue Out

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    That is wonderful news.  You will get used to the temporary ostomy and glad you have a nurse to help you through all of this.  Name your stoma, it helps and yes it is noisy.  Mine was named "Bella" because it kinda looked liked an upside down bell.  Also, put your hand over it when your in public and you hear it acting up.  It kind of muffle's the sound.  You will actually almost treat the stoma with respect after having it for awhile as it's going to be your lifesaver in going to the bathroom.  Awesome update.


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    Congratulations on the good pathology results.  For most, chemo is the worst part of the process.  To avoid it is a godsend.