Cancer come back?

I had surgery for colon cancer 4.5 years ago with no chemo or radiation, and my CEA's and labs show no problems. However, I have had an umbilical hernia repaired with the cancer surgery, and several months later a ventral hernia repair, both with synthetic mesh. I am having a CT scan tomorrow for possible adhesions or another  hernia.  I hardly have any pain, just a twinge or two in my abdomen.  I do feel pulling and a hardness in areas. My oncologist checked me out as still cancer free 3 weeks.

I am now afraid it may be undetected cancer.  Has anybody had an experience like this.  I know I should only have a few days to wait to find out, but I am concerned now.


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    Me, too

    After my LAR surgery in 2013, I developed a ventral hernia, too.  Surgeon repaired it (turns out it was one softball sized hernia and one golf ball sized - that he made into one BIG hernia before repairing).  He also used mesh to repair the hernia.  While I have no pain, I do feel the mesh "poking" me once in a while.  It's lessened over the years - but I still feel it.  LAR and repair surgery done in 2013.  Still NED.

    Good luck!

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    I have not had any kind of hernia or repair, but I absolutely do understand your fear.   Once you have Cancer, even the slightest of abnormalites of the body, can send you into a whirlwind of fear. 

    I hope that you find out soon, so that your mind can be at rest, and you can continue living your life NED. 


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    I've had a huge ventral

    I've had a huge ventral hernia repaired 1 1/2 years ago, I'm 4 1/2 years NED from my last liver resection. Pulling and hardness are by-products of hernia repair, you likely wouldn't feel a recurrance that way, anyway. Your numbers are good, try to not stress all the twinges, and know we all do/did it too.................................................Dave

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    Double Hernia Repair

    Mine was a double hernia repair plus abdominal repair at the same time because of all the adhesions.  It's very common after this type of surgery to go through it so don't think too much about it especially when everything is going so well for you.  Glad you are keeping up on everything and sounds like your doctors are monitoring you closely.  Hope the twinges get better, and they usually do years later.