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Preparing for my last chemo

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Can't believe that I have come to this point in my treatment but I will have my last chemo in the next few weeks.   In all reality, Ive been very fortunate,  able to work most of every week, no serious side effects, etc.  It's not been a walk in the park and I wouldn't wish this on anyone.  I am looking for ideas to thank the staff that have been so supportive to me.  Ive looked at bringing in treats, hand lotions, etc.  Any other ideas?  Im not one to write out thank you notes or anything like that,  just something that hasn't been done repeatedly.  Any ideas?  I have no intention of ringing the bell, I think that is insensitive to those who may never have the chance to do so, instead I will celebrate by taking a few trips to celebrate and eat foods that I've been avoiding for the past 5 months!!  


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Like probably everyone, I recall when you first arrived here at the site.  Your infusion experience was as good as it gets, based on what you have shared.  I hope you have immediate NED and remain so for a long, long life, in which lymphoma becomes a distant memory.


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Max, thank you for your support.  I truly have been blessed with a relatively uncomplicated course and hope it continues  as such.  Hope to establish my new normal that looks closely like my life B.C.  (before cancer)  I hope this is just a few pages in my book of life!!


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I brought large beautiful flower arrangement with a nice card and a ton of cookies.  I noticed that some people had brought angel figures that were collected above the central desk.

You bet I ran that bell!  

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Had my last RCHOP yesterday.  Am so happy that this is behind me.  Now for recovery and a PET scan, port removal and surveillance.  My team, from the cancer center,  to my kind and patient colleagues, to my friends and family, I am so grateful for their support and encouragement.   Am so fortunate to not have any truly serious side effects or complications, but even without them, chemo is not anything I want again.  Hopefully that will never occur again! My cancer navigator friend who has had breast cancer herself said that although she had a similar "easy" experience with her treatment,  the hardest time for her was about 6 months post treatment where the reality really hit her hard.  I have planned a trip to the Caribbean around that time for some sunshine and distraction.  Thanks for listening to me and your encouragement.   


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That's great news Paula! Now relax and take time to process and heal. Enjoy the rest of the summer.


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