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Husband had DRE last week and doc said he felt a rough spot. My husband had colon cancer 12 years ago and is fine. His last CEA was 0.6 And his PSA was 3.0 both drawn a month ago his P s A actually went down from 3.8 6 months ago . Any idea what rough spot would be? Thanks

Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

Your husband sounds like a good candidate for a prostate biopsy.
The problem with the PSA results is that there is a natural fluctuation depending on exercise, sexual activity, etc.
Men on active surveillance will often go up and down by as much as 33%, the change has no medical significance at all as the amount of PSA lost into the blood has a natural variation that is independent of the activity of the cancer.
A prostate biopsy may settle the question one way or the other, however if the tumour is very small it is possible for the surgeon to miss it with the needles.
There are various urine tests available that if they give a positive result are strongly indicative of prostate cancer, you might like to try one of those as a first step.

Best wishes,


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Thanks Georges appreciate the info. I guess I’m just nervous because we’ve been down the cancer road before and we both aren’t looking forward to all the testing and waiting. 

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The DRE doesn't diagnose cancer but doctors use it together with other elements (symptoms, age, past cancer cases, the PSA, urination issues, etc) to judge a probability for existing cancer.

Those bumps felt on touch by an experienced urologist may have high significance, however it could be calculi (we have many in the prostate). A biopsy of the prostate with a needle directed to that spot is the next best step to follow. Surely other exams (MRI, CT,a etc) are required too to get the full picture of what is happening.

Your husband has not been diagnosed yet with this bandit but he should check the reason behind the PSA and the bump. Prostate cancer is slower in spreading than colon cancer which provides time to the patient to investigate deeply the issue. If diagnosed positive, one needs to know its clinical stage.

I wonder his age.

Best wishes,


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Thanks VG. Hubby is 64. Appreciate your input.

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Hi Sam,

If it was me I think I would want a scan(MRI or CT) next to take a better look at the bump area. If they see anything suspicious then they could do a biopsy to find out if it truely is or is not cancer.  The MRI should direct them where to take the biopsy at if needed.

Dave 3+4

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