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2 years ago, Grade 1 Stage 2 diagnosed.

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 9 months later partial robotic right. Now 9 months NED. HOWEVER, they are watching a place on my left.

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The 5mm lesion on your other kidney may be too small to diagnose. Hopefully it is nothing. In amy event it is very small and can be dealt with if necessary. I have a 9mm simple cyst on my other kidney and I am almost 17 yeays out.





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HI, thanks for update and glad you are NED~

Now about your other kidney, they are not saying its a lesion are they? Or is it a cyst?

I have a cyst which to my doctor is not a concern.

Hope you are doing fine!

Hugs, Jan

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He is saying they are now gone! Without any treatment! I don't understand how all of them on the right and the left are just gone.a couple of them were >1 cm. I see an Oncologist next week as I now have multitudes of cysts in my throid (1 moderatly suspicious) and also many in my spine. Thank ya'll for the words of hope!

*My cancer will NOT define me. My cancer will NOT win*

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Good news they are gone. I too am full of cysts...my remaining kidney, pancreas, spleen, thryroid and parotid gland lol.

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CT scans are not 100% accurate.  Some things can look like tumours, and some tumours dont look like tumours especially when still small, so much of it is guess work.

And it is posisble for tumours to dissappear, if the immune system is doing what it is supposed to do.

Accept the good news and stay strong.

Best Wishes, Fred

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I had something show up on a PET scan that turned out to be new scar tissue after a biopsy.  I also had lung thingies on a CT last year but I don't even know if they're still there - nobody has mentioned them since that first time.  I think we all pick up little grubby things over the years.

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